UPENA SANDAL - Black / Black
UPENA SANDAL - Black / Black
UPENA SANDAL - Black / Black
  • UPENA SANDAL - Black / Black

  • €90,00

Completely in style with the Olukai Upena, a sandal with crossed leather straps for a good enclosure of the foot. Adjustable ankle strap with metal buckle for a personal fit.

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Upena Sandal
(oo-peh-nah)> Translation Net

OUTSOLE Non-marking rubber outsole. Design inspired by the ocean current. The extra surfaces provide sufficient grip and are durable.

FOOTBED Anatomic molded PU footbed with micro-texture for grip and a slim profile for a modern and clean look and feel.

NON-MARKING RUBBER Our thermoset rubber is a composition of natural and synthetic rubber that leaves no traces or "wear" on surfaces of any kind. Our gum rubber outsoles are made of natural material and will not always release naturally.

FULL-GRAIN LEATHER Our premium full grain leather evokes the rustic spirit of the ranches in the land of Hawaii with a robust strength and longevity.





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