NALUKAI - Fox / Fox
NALUKAI - Fox / Fox
NALUKAI - Fox / Fox
  • NALUKAI - Fox / Fox

  • €110,00

Where the island comfort meets the sophistication, the Nalukai Sandal offers a look that's distinctly modern. Minimalistic design without loosing any comfort.

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(nah-loo-kah-ee)> TRANSLATION Weathered by the storms of life

OUTSOLE OUTSOLE Non-marking rubber outsole. Design inspired by the ocean current. The extra surfaces provide sufficient grip and are durable.

FOOTBED FOOTBED Anatomic molded PU footbed covers with beautiful full grain leather.

Razor Siping RAZOR SIPING A special pattern cut on the razor in the outsole. To distribute water better, this provides more grip and slip resistance on wet surfaces.

Outboard Strap OUTBOARDSTRAP Built into the outer surface of the sidewall instead of the footbed, our unique Outboard Strap Construction offers a free but perfect fit for the most comfortable support of the arch.


Full-Grain Leather FULL-GRAIN LEATHER Our premium full-grain leather evokes the rustic spirit of the ranches in the land of Hawaii with a robust strength and longevity.




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